What is PD and how does it work?

You’ve probably seen ‘PD’ mentioned on the packaging of our charging products. PD stands for ‘Power Delivery’ and it is a charging technology which is supported by some Type-C charging products. It provides much faster charging of Type-C PD compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Nowadays, smartphones come with larger batteries. The downside is that, the larger the battery, the longer it takes to charge hence many smartphone manufacturers have opted to have Type-C PD compatible charging ports in order to charge their devices quicker. There are already multiple Android smartphones on the market which support between 65-100W charging which means users can charge their smartphones in well under an hour versus several hours!
In addition to smartphones, many laptops have now adopted Type-C Power Delivery as their preferred method of charging. All of the new iPads and Macbooks now use a Type-C charging port with charging speeds ranging from 20W (iPads) to 100W for Macbooks. In order to cover a wide range of charging input requirements, many charger manufacturers also adopt a technology called Programmable Power Supply Technology or PPS for short. PPS is an advanced charging technology for USB-C devices which modifies the voltage and current in real-time depending on your charging status, thus optimising charging efficiency.
Another benefit is that less heat is produced, which in turn increases the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery.
Therefore, Type-C is fast becoming the new universal standard for charging a wide range of portable electronic devices quickly and safely.

H-Adapt PD30W + 18W QC3.0 Dual Output TravelCharger

When charging your USB-C PD-compatible device it is important to use the right charger and cable to achieve the optimum charging level for your device. For smartphones, a minimum of PD20W is required for fast charging so you’ll need a Type-AC charger, car charger or power bank with PD20W output. If you’ve device supports even faster charging, you might require PD30W or even PD65W or 100W. It’s best to check the charging input requirements  of your smartphone/device before buying a suitable Type-C PD compatible charger.

Our Hezire Dual PD30W + 18W USB-A AC adapter, 45W Type-C & USB car charger and Hpower View power bank all support Type-C PD charging and are therefore good options.

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In addition to the power supply, you’ll also need a suitable, good-quality Type-C cable which supports PD fast charging. Since most Type-C compatible smartphones charge at 20-60W, a 3A/60W charge and sync cable will be perfectly suited. Our Hezire H-Cable PRO Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Lightning cables are excellent options for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets:

For devices between 65W and 100W such as laptops, we recommend you use a 5A/100W cable with your high-output PD charger to get the best charging results.

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