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As a manufacturer of electronic accessories, Hezire has been in business since 2018. Since its formation in 2023 as a manufacturer of high-quality earphones, Hezire has produced and developed a wide variety of products, such as wireless earbuds, wearable devices, tablet PCs,  and gaming peripherals, as well as charging cables, chargers, stereo headsets, and power banks, among other tech necessities. In addition to selling their products in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, and Tajikistan, Hezire, the best power source manufacturer in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and African regions, also sells their products in East and west Africans regions Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, and Tanzania. The primary selling channel for Hezire is its website, which allows them to reach customers directly. Therefore, they are also classified as an e-commerce company. Our top priorities are the quality, comfort, and affordability of our consumer electrical accessories.

 Having been one of the Best USB cable manufacturers in 2023,  Hezire believes its combination of value and innovation is unbeatable. Founded in 2017, Hezire is committed to supplying the best quality accessories at an affordable price while leading in innovation. We at Hezire are extremely customer-centric and strive to make all of our products convenient and affordable for our customers. The love customers have for our products has allowed Hezire to expand into several other countries, such as Azerbijan Armenia Belarus etc., thanks to the success of our brand over the years. In view of our role as an online seller, we are expanding our distribution channels, both online and in person, in order to provide high-quality products and services to our clients with maximum accessibility and value. We believe that the distribution of our products will allow us to achieve this.

 With online sales being our primary focus since the beginning, we believe that we have a greater opportunity to add value by selling offline as well. Besides being available online, we would also like to offer our items offline.

Why Become Our Hezire?

 We believe that both our distributor and ourselves can benefit from this arrangement. We can reach the right suppliers and retailers directly by distributing our products through distributors so that we can sell directly to customers. Having Hezire as one of the most popular brands makes selling it to suppliers, retailers, etc easier which could be beneficial for distributors.

 Hezire’s Earbuds are among the best wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation in 2023, so becoming their distributor is advantageous since we have immense customer bases, allowing repeat purchases from both suppliers and retailers. In order to generate a higher revenue, we believe that collaborating with distributors will enable us to efficiently sell our products further.

Our Product Range

 The Hezire product line consists of eight categories, including audio, cables, power, wearables, photography, gaming, tablets, and holders and mounts. We have gained the most recognition and are most loved and bought for our products in the categories of audio, power, gaming, and wearables.

 Hbudz Easy True Wireless and Headshot Pro are the most popular earbuds in the audio category. Our company aims to build the best-quality wireless earbuds in Nigeria that are easy to use, transport, and store everywhere and anywhere. Our company is also one of the cable manufacturing companies in Azerbaijan. With our top-of-the-line car chargers, Hezire is the leading Car Chargers Dubai Distributor in Tajikistan.

 Comparatively to the rest, Hezire smartwatches are elegant and efficient. As a leading distributor and retailer of smart watches in Senegal, we aim to make life easier for our customers by providing convenience with our smart watches.

 Gaming products are in high demand among our customers. These products are Hezire’s best sellers, from gaming headsets to keyboards to gaming earbuds. best Gaming headset distributor in Armenia,  CIS, African countries including UAE KSA. 

 Product Packaging

 As with their products, Hezire’s packaging is sleek and modern. Our packaging attracts the attention of customers with its sleek and minimalistic design. Similarly to our products, our packaging is compact and minimal, while at the same time allowing each USP of the product to be seen directly through the packaging.

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