Power Up Faster The Benefits of PD Chargers Explained


With time being a scarce resource in today’s busy world, it is akin to waiting for a lifetime for gadgets to be charged. But wait! A revolution is taking place—the age of power delivery (PD) travel adapter chargers.  Think about…

GAN Technology: The Future of Powering Electronic Devices

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As the use of technology and electronic product grows, the demand for reduced energy consumption has become a pressing challenge that consumer electronics manufacturers are facing exponentially. Moving ahead in time, we notice that efficiency and power density have become…

What is PD and how does it work?


You’ve probably seen ‘PD’ mentioned on the packaging of our charging products. PD stands for ‘Power Delivery’ and it is a charging technology which is supported by some Type-C charging products. It provides much faster charging of Type-C PD compatible…