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Hezire has been in the electronic accessories manufacturing sector since 2018. As a high quality earphones manufacturer in 2023, Hezire has produced and developed a broad range of products, including tablet PCs, wireless earbuds, wearables, and gaming peripherals, as well as everyday tech necessities such as charging cables, chargers, stereo headsets, and power banks. Best power source Distributor in Dubai/KSA also sells their products in Top quality wireless earbuds manufacturer in Nigeria, kenya, Ghana, Senegal and Tajakistan. Hezire is also classified as an e-commerce company because their primary selling channel is their website, which gives them direct access to customers. When it comes to consumer electrical accessories, we focus on quality, comfort, and affordability.

Being the best USB cable manufacturer in 2023, Hezire believes the combination of value and innovation is unbeatable. Since our founding in 2018, Hezire has been committed to manufacturing the best quality accessories that lead in innovation and offer a value that makes them affordable. We are very customer-centric at Hezire and all of our products are designed to be convenient and affordable for our customers. Hezire has grown steadily over the years as a brand thanks to customers’ love for our products which has now allowed Hezire to sell further in several other countries like Nigeria, Kenya and etc. Considering our status as an e-commerce seller, we are in the process of expanding our channel — both online and in the office — to offer our clients maximum accessibility and value backed by high quality products and services.

We believe that since we have been selling online from our inception, there is a greater opportunity for us to enhance our value by selling offline as well. We would want to make our items available not just online, but also offline. What if the consumer need a product right away? Selling through offline channels assures customers that they may buy our items at any time and from any location.

Why Sell Hezire?

 We feel there is a benefit for both us and the store. Selling through retail can help us to contact with customers directly and learn about their preferences and needs. It provides a sense of personal interaction to the buyer as well as to you and us as sellers.

Working with a store, we think that both sides can provide a great customer experience, track the sales funnel, and collect purchases from customers. Working with Hezire will allow us to build a synergy between our brand and your shop, resulting in increased income. Building a repeat purchase process is critical for us as a brand and for your shop, and collaborating with and selling Hezire’s products will help us to achieve that aim. With the partnership of a retailer, we believe that both parties can provide a seamless positive customer experience.

We feel that the greatest satisfaction for any seller is continuous selling, and with items like those sold by Hezire, we have created a non-ignorable style and identity that will bring in a consistent number of customers. It will form a strong partnership with Hezire that will deliver significant revenue and growth gains. Retailers can provide excellent merchandising and unique private-label offers, whilst we as a brand will bring in a diverse group of customers while establishing store familiarity. Our primary goal is to expose our items to a large number of individuals in order to increase and create consumer exposure. As we become more customer-centric, we believe it is critical to make the purchasing process as simple as possible for our consumers, and cooperating with a store will help us to make our items more accessible to them. Retailers and manufacturers can give the most value to customers at the lowest feasible cost by collaborating as partners. A store may maximize value in terms of return consumers, consistent selling, and increased earnings and margins by collaborating with Hezire.

Our Product Range

 Hezire has developed a total of 8 categories that consist from audio, cables, power, wearables to photography, gaming, tablets and holders/mounts. Our products mainly from the categories of audio, power, gaming and wearables have gained the most recognition and are our most loved and bought products.

 In the audio category, our headshot pro and Hbudz easy true wireless are the most purchased earbuds. Being a top quality wireless earbuds manufacturer in Nigeria, we aim to build our earbuds with quality and ensure our products are handy and compact to use and carry anywhere and everywhere.

We are also one of the cable manufacturing companies in Azerbijan. H-Cable Trio 3in-1 Universal Charging Cable is known to be one of our best sellers from our category of cables with its stylish aluminum housing and durable braided nylon material, which make it very convenient to carry, along with a universal 3-in-1 USB charging cable that features 3 separate charging tips. Hezire is an affordable Car Chargers Dubai Distributor in Tanzania, selling our top car chargers such as the H-drive 38W and Hdrive 45W.

Hezire has the classiest and the most efficient smartwatches compared to the rest. The best one in class has to be the H-Watch Active with its versatility of monitoring health as well as your activity. Being one of the best Smart watches distributor/retailer in Senegal, we aim to provide convenience in our smartwatches which will make our customers life easier.

Our gaming products are the demand of our every customer. From our gaming headsets to keyboards and gaming earbuds, they are the best sellers for Hezire.

Product Packaging

 Hezire’s products are undoubtedly sleek in design and so is their packaging. With our sleek and minimalistic design, our packaging attracts the eye of the customers.

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