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Best Travel Adaptors for Backpackers

Travel Adapter

The sockets in different parts of the world are pretty much different everywhere. What is the reason for this? By the end, you’ll understand why people are purchasing travel adapters now compared to carrying normal adapters for their travels. There…

Best Power Bank To Buy In 2023

power bank

Is your smartphone’s power going down instantly?  It means you are planning to buy a new phone, right?  Wait!  You don’t have to waste your money buying the new one just because of the mighty power discharge problem. Here is…

What is PD and how does it work?


You’ve probably seen ‘PD’ mentioned on the packaging of our charging products. PD stands for ‘Power Delivery’ and it is a charging technology which is supported by some Type-C charging products. It provides much faster charging of Type-C PD compatible…