How to Choose the Right Smart Watch for Your Lifestyle?

A few years since today, when people considered purchasing a smartwatch, it was regarded as a luxurious buy or was known to be owned by tech savvy users. But all perceptions have been changed since then, as the latest advancements from brands who develop smartwatches have evolved their watches with latest technology while making smartwatches affordable.

Undoubtedly, the increasing popularity of smartwatches, which has the capability of handling several aspects of our lives with a as a compact device, has initiated a technological trend towards using smartwatches in day-to-day lives. The role of smartwatches has become a growing trend for several age groups. Several people in today’s day are dependent on smartphones for knowing time, attending phone calls, counting steps and more, and the innovation of smartwatches has emerged as compact solution to a similar features of a phone. With the capabilities of what a smartwatch encompasses, brands leverage the way smartwatches revolutionize while enhancing interaction of users with technology to augment it in their daily lives.

Which are the factors that you should consider when investing in a smartwatch? The compatibility of the watch with your phone? The battery life? The style? Keep reading ahead to know top 8 key factors to help you choose the right smartwatch and help you buy smartwatches online in UAE.

Smartwatches VS Fitness Trackers

As you explore around in shops or buy smartwatches online in UAE, you’ll realize that smartwatches and fitness watches are quite similar. However, one of the key differences you will notice now as we reveal it to you, smartwatches assist you not just with step counting or activity tracking but also with communicating over calls and getting notifications unlike fitness trackers that only provide health and fitness related features. Several smartwatches do track fitness to an extent, however fitness trackers are more comprehensive with features related to work out and fitness tracking,

Below, we have mentioned our top 8 factors you must keep on your checklist for your next smartwatch purchase.

1. Compatibility

The first and crucial factor that without any doubt should be your most considered factor when purchasing a smartwatch is 100% ‘compatibility’. Your phone could be an iOS or android, hence it is essential to find a watch that is compatible, as per your operating system. You can get smart watch price under 200 AED that are also very well compatible with all phones.

2. Battery life

The growing technology and ease of use of smartwatches has enable most people to rely on watches, whether they are at home, at officer or might even be at the gym. For the smartwatch to monitor and analyze your progress which showing instant results and live notifications, a long life battery should be one of the top deciding factors. All money would be wasted if the smartwatch doesn’t last for a good number of hours. If you didn’t know, the battery life is actually considered to be a USP and selling point for many brands in the market. These brands invest heavily on R&D as well as manufacturing to allow your smartwatch to last up to 24+ hours. It is a competitive edge in the market if one’s smartwatch lasts up to several days. Several smart watches price under 200 AED also provide a long and durable battery life.

3. Flexibility

Users nowadays have begun relying on smartwatches to keep track on their daily tasks, notifications and calls as it provides great convenience especially on the go without the hassle of taking your phone out of the pocket. Some of the tasks that can be fulfilled through a smartwatch include: answering calls, replying to messages, listening to music on the go, counting steps as well as making payments. Smartwatches from top brands like Hezire, Smart watches distributor in KSA provides all latest features in their smartwatch.

4. Health tracking features

A key aspect that attracts a smartwatch user are the health monitoring features to keep a check and track of your health status such as BP, heart rate, steps and more. You can be calculating a breakdown of calories burnt while working out or just setting a step goal, the features of a smartwatch are endless.

5. Pairing with apps
Users at times tend to leave their smartphones around at home or in their cars while working out or going for a quick coffee stop, and connecting your smartwatch to apps helps connect to music streams or shows easily no matter where you are your phone is. Connectivity to such apps are always an additional bonus when purchasing a smartwatch.

6. Price
Deciding on the right smartwatch can be daunting due to its cost. This is a piece of technology that you’ll be wearing for a long time, so you need to consider which features are most important to you and also fit within your desired budget. However, as smartwatches continue to evolve, we can anticipate advancements each year, transforming this device from a complimentary accessory into a genuine lifestyle partner that assists you in every aspect of your day, just by looking at your wrist.

7. Connectivity

The difference between Bluetooth and LTE smartwatches is that the former relies on a smartphone to access the internet, receive notifications, and send messages, whereas the latter has its own antennas and modems that allow the device to connect to cellular networks without the need for a smartphone. Therefore, an LTE smartwatch can function as an independent gadget by connecting to mobile networks on its own.

8. Operating Systems/Apps

In order to operate with a smartwatch, you must have a smartphone that you can tether so you can be assured that your phone is perfectly compatible and aligned with your watch. You can’t purchase an apple watch without knowing if it will work on your Samsung watch or not.

Some devices have their own operating system and can work only with specific devices. Others are compatible with only a small range of operating systems.

What Are Your Options?            

There are plenty of brands to choose from, and their watches offer many features but our top recommendation would be the Hezire’s H-Watch Voice.

Featuring with an integrated mic and speaker, it supports hands-free calls and AI activation directly from your wrist. Additionally, it has a premium zinc frame with a large touch screen, notifications and messages to help you assist with day-to-day tasks at an affordable price. Buy Smartwatches online in UAE at

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