Do you need ANC ? why is it important ?

It’s true, HEZIRE family: There’s nothing more distressing than being interrupted by an external source which gets into your blissful audiophile experience. And especially when you are grooving to your favourite melodies. It is amazing how some sounds can become unbearable if you wear headphones or earphones. These devices are designed to channel sound directly into your ears. Irony much?

Few sounds aren’t pleasant and certainly not when they interfere with your hearing. Imagine the annoying hammer drill coming from a nearby building as you prepare to present a talk on a Zoom call, or babies crying incessantly at the exact moment that the Stairway, To Heaven solo is about to strike you. That isn’t heavenly in any way, is it? Imagine something worse than that and loud colleagues enjoying themselves while you work to complete your day-to-day tasks. Your zen tunes are in the air for a twirl!


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It’s important to note the fact that active noise cancellation won’t increase the quality of sound of your headphones by itself however it can improve the clarity of podcasts and music by eliminating distractions. In this way, almost everybody can benefit from the advantages of ANC headphones.

 There’s a reason that the Active Noise Cancellation feature is a standard feature of high-end headphones and is usually a good indicator of the high-quality of the headset. However, In the past few years, this amazing technology is becoming affordable, more popular and accessible. Take a look at the amazing Hezire HBudz Style,  Hezire HBudz ANCHezire HBand PRO which lets you spend hours of tranquillity when you have an Active Noise-Cancelling feature activated!

They’re particularly helpful for long-distance commuters because plane engines as well as the rumbling of trains are precisely the type of constant noises that ANC is able to block out. If you’re traveling overnight, ANC can also help to sleep even when you’re not playing music.

The biggest drawbacks of headphones that block noise is that they generally cost more than those without this technology, and also the fact that ANC decreases the battery’s lifespan. ANC is starting to be seen on reasonably affordable headphones. And our list of most affordable noise-cancelling headphones includes a variety of models that have outstanding battery life even without ANC.

Another issue that could be a problem with ANC is the loss of awareness of situations. For instance, reducing the noise of traffic could pose a risk when crossing a congested road. It’s sometimes difficult to discern whether someone is trying to communicate with you, for instance. But, these shouldn’t have to be the sole reasons to steer clear of ANC headphones. Ambient/transparency modes allow wearers to keep a consciousness of their surroundings.

The majority of ANC headphones come with a mode that uses the microphones onboard to amplify the sounds of the surrounding environment instead of blocking them out. This is great for an informal conversation or for giving yourself a bit of extra attention, and you can change between ambient and ANC modes at your leisure.

Noise cancellation that is active: A must for a person’s everyday life?

Some people do not require active noise-cancelling headphones. This is especially true for those who require better hearing protection devices, like factory workers, construction site workers, military personnel etc.

Before purchasing an ANC headphone, determine if:

  • You travel frequently You work in a noisy workplace or
  • You Enjoy listening to music during your commute.

Another method to determine if headphones with noise cancellation are needed is to look at the advantages of active noise cancellation in comparison to passive noise-cancellation and also know the sound frequencies active noise-cancelling headphones block.


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