Smart Watch Tips & Tricks

Smart Watch Tips & Tricks

Smartwatch technology has evolved to offer amazing features to meet different individual needs. You could miss out on some great features if your battery runs low. If you don’t know the best operational tricks and tips to use your smartwatch effectively, even if you have had it for some time, it’s easy to miss important calls or appointments.

Basic watch faces only show the time. However, you can get Best SmartWatches Online that you can use it for workouts and a variety of sports including swimming. This watch has lots of other useful features including; text, call and message notifications, stopwatch, time, alarm clock, weather information, remote music player controls and even a remote camera shutter.

Battery saving tips The battery of most smartphones is only able to last one day after it has been fully charged. You need to recharge it every day so it doesn’t go out while you’re at work or at the gym. You should also be aware that your battery may drain faster than you expected, depending on what you do with it. To stop your smartwatch faster from draining quickly,

  • Dimming the screen’s brightness
  • Remove unnecessary and active applications
  • You can deactivate notifications even if you don’t use them.
  • Switch on to Theatre Mode and finally,
  • Only use Wi-Fi when absolutely necessary. If not, you can use your other mobile devices

Create new watch faces The best thing about smartwatches? You can change the face. You don’t have to choose a particular aesthetic style so you can prioritize any information or style that you like. The most basic watch faces display the time. Wear watch faces can display data such as weather information, your steps, appointment reminders, heart rate, and other basic information. Google Play offers additional faces to go along with the wristwatch. Android apps also allow you to create your watch face.

Get directions easily– It can be tricky to hold your phone while driving. If you make a mistake with texting or answering a phone call, you could get a ticket. Your smartphone can be used to get precise directions. However, it will not need to sync with other mobile devices. This feature is easy to activate using the Google Maps app. This trick does not have audible commands like smartphones. However, you can sync the Google Map app with your smartphone to get voice commands.

Controlling other smart device- Another great feature is that you can remotely control smart devices like lights and appliances using your smartwatch. You can also use Google assistant to still control smart device by using voice commands. You can activate this feature by opening Google and clicking settings. Scroll down to the assistant page. Here you can find assistant devices.

Making workout goals – Smartwatches with patches have the ability to gather vital information such as distance run or walked. To help you build muscle and lose weight, you can download fitness apps.



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