Best Travel Adaptors for Backpackers

The sockets in different parts of the world are pretty much different everywhere. What is the reason for this? By the end, you’ll understand why people are purchasing travel adapters now compared to carrying normal adapters for their travels. There can be even worse problems—in some countries, different types of sockets are available! Universal travel adapters and converters are two-in-one devices that can be used both as portable chargers and adapters. Because it prepares you for any power or charging need you may have, it is the perfect travel companion for most individuals.

Is it the best travel adapter that you are looking for from a travel adapter distributor in Iran/Iraq? If you are planning an international solo trip or a family trip, you will definitely require a travel adapter. You might see a plethora of options out there, which might confuse you as most of them look quite similar. Yet, you can differentiate them as per categories such as quality, durability, how compact it is, and what the quality seems like.

Let’s know about a few basics first!

 What actually is a Travel Adaptor?

Having a travel adaptor while traveling makes it easier for you to plug in your device into any kind of outlet. Having a travel adaptor during a trip allows you to charge your devices anywhere conveniently. Many upcoming devices are now dual voltage, which allows you to use and charge them through travel adaptors in any foreign country without a travel converter.

Several times, you would require travel adaptor plugs while you’re traveling to avoid low batteries. Several countries have different kinds of outlets, which makes it hard for you to purchase chargers according to the country you are visiting, especially when you are traveling to multiple countries at once.

Types of Adaptors

Single-Region Travel Adapters          

The simplest travel adapter option is a single-region adapter. These models can be used in certain countries as well as those with the same sockets and voltages as those countries. The downside of choosing a single-region travel adapter, although usually the cheapest option, is that it may limit your future flexibility.

A single-region travel adapter can be modified to accommodate multiple devices simultaneously or paired with an extension lead to accommodate multiple devices or high demand. Multi-way models allow you to plug in multiple devices at once.

Multi-Region Travel Adapters

It is also possible to opt for a plug adapter that works with multiple countries and regions for greater versatility. The pins are typically different for different sockets on these units, which are typically slightly bigger or more complex. As a result, several national plug and socket standards can be accommodated at the same time.

A multi-region travel adapter typically accommodates the standards of Europe, Asia, the UK, and North America. You can choose a multi-region version that is one-way or multi-way according to your needs.

Universal Travel Adapters

The most versatile option is to use universal travel adapters, since they work in virtually every country in the world. It is important to note that this flexibility comes with increased size, especially when compared to smaller models with single or multiple regions.

Universal travel adapters provide added functionality, but their size makes them less convenient and more difficult to transport. It’s also worth noting that added weight can cause them to appear less secured in less stable socket types (such as the US two-pin). Additionally, when universal travel adapters are larger, they may block neighboring sockets or be incompatible with certain layouts.

Do I Need a Travel Converter or Adapter?

 A travel adapter will usually be required if you want to charge electronic devices brought with you or use them while you are traveling overseas. Travel adaptors are the best choice due to their portability, which makes them easier to carry around the world due to the diversity of standards. It is possible to use simple one-region adapters, multi-way converters, or universal Wi-Fi-enabled sockets and there are a variety of options to choose from.

What Features Should I Look for in the Best Universal Travel Adapter?

 In addition to these features and benefits, some plug adapters may also include the following:

  • USB charging
  • USB-C ports
  • Wi-Fi functionality
  • Quick charge capabilities
  • USB-PD
  • Multiple voltage ratings

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Travel Adapter

 Travel adapters can be used to plug any electronic device into an outlet outside the country where you are traveling. A class’s interface can be adapted to allow it to collaborate with another class even if they have conflicting interfaces. Reusing a course with multiple interfaces to another category is a fundamental characteristic of this pattern.

A disadvantage is that it only works with plug-in devices. In case you need a converter for devices without plugs, such as laptops and cell phones, you will need to buy one separately. A three-prong plug plugged into these older electrical systems through an adaptor may cause a shock because they lack a designated ground channel.

Best Travel Adaptor

 One of the best travel international adapters on the list is the H-Adapt World PD65W GaN International Travel Adapter & Charger by Hezire. The travel adaptor is well-designed, compact, lightweight, and functional. There are more than 150 countries where it will work. Whether traveling for work or short vacations and backpacking, it’s the perfect companion. Multi-USB ports allow you to charge your Smartphone and other devices wherever you are. With this adapter, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously thanks to its efficient design! 

The all-in-one international travel adapter and charger for all your portable electronics devices, the H-Adapt World PD65W, is compact and lightweight. You can charge up to six devices at once using one AC socket and five USB ports, and using GaN technology, you can charge Type-C smartphones and even laptops at super-fast PD65W speeds. The H-Adapt World features multiple international outlets and embedded UK/EU/US/AUS plugs, allowing you to use the product in 195+ countries. It also includes short-circuit, overcharge, and overcurrent protection as well as child-safe outlets for your devices’ safety. It is important to note that H-Adapt World is not a voltage converter. Please refrain from using this adapter with equipment that is not rated between 110 and 250 volts. Visit to purchase the best international travel adapter and charger.

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